Gohexa playmats - the concept

The product

Gohexa playmats are unique 6 edged soft and non-slip playmats. The tiles are easy to move and adjustable to other tiles, allowing the child to create its own desired play mat universe.

The material is 2 mm. soft natural rubber - CE certified, which means that the playmats are easily rolled together for storage or transportation.

Playmat ideal for Schleich animals
creat a cartrack carpet

The vision

The vision is to create a universe that can gather the children's play with their existing toys like LEGO, Schleich, Playmobil, classic cars, etc.

It should be a modular universe that children can create themselves, through their play and free imagination. The creation of the universe itself should also become a part of the play.

The playmats design stimulates, challenges and develops the child through creative play.

Easy to roll for
storage or transportation

the old toy

Village collection

The GOHEXA VILLAGE theme contains at the moment 2 sets with 3 models in each. The theme is designed as a cozy village environment with grass, nature, plants, lakes and old bridge stoneroads. The theme is perfect for playing with classic figures, cars and houses like LEGO Friends, Playmobil, Smurfs etc.

Soft playmats
adapt to the surface

Roads collection

The GOHEXA ROADS theme contains at the moment 2 sets with 3 models in each.
The theme lets you create your own car track by combining the 6 different models, just the way you like. Fits perfectly with classic toy cars or similar toys such as LEGO.

Create the playground
Just like you want it

Mini playmats

To expand the play even more and avoid too much waste-product producing the big play-mats we have designed different mini-mats you can combine with the big playmats. The mini-playmats are only 15 x 18 cm.

Village Mini-mats

Concept film

See the concept film for Gohexa playmats and all the possibillities

Customer reviews

LEGO Friends playmat
Our daughter uses them for everything from DUPLO and LEGO to Pawpatrol and other animals. Really good play equipment.
Alice J.
Create your own racing track
The playmats were a great hit right from the start and I can sit back and relax on the couch while the kids are happy playing on the floor behind me.
Mie I.
Playmats ideal for LEGO Friends
They are soft and slip resistant and can esily be rolled together and put in the drawer.
Regitze M.
Roads carpet
Gohexa play mats are perfect for playing with both cars, playmobil, Schleich, LEGO etc. I highly recommend this fantastic toys. Also very high quality
Stine B.
playmats for toys
The playmats are brilliant. We use them primarily when we play with LEGO Friends.
Rikke M.
toy car play mat
They are so brilliant - Wow we love them!!! ;-)
Sophie V.
the playmats


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